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True Life Story : How HIV Positive Lady Was R*ped By Her Close Friend

 This story is from an anonymous reader she's just 20-years of age. Read:

 ''I am a 20yrs old girl and I am HIV positive. I have been living with this sickness for the past six years. My mum is the only person that knows about it. I contracted the disease when I was r*ped by two men in Oshodi market. 

My main aim of writing now is to share with you guys what happened not quite long. I was raped again by my so called close friend. I begged him to use a condom but he asked me not to worry that he is clean. Little did he know that I was only pleading to save him. After the first round, I sat close to the bed crying but he came up again and r*ped me for the second time. He even poured on me. I summoned courage and asked him when was the last he check his HIV status, he rolled over to the drawer and brought out his result ALAS he was negative until he raped me. 
The other day, I went to a certain so called God fearing man and asked for help but he said he wont assist me until I 'service' him which I did without any remorse knowing fully well that he is now infected.  
My own heartbreak is my mum. She has been praying and she thinks I'm no longer positive, little did she know that HIV takes 10 years before it shows.


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