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Home » » ''The Girl I Sponsored To School Dumped Me After 8-Years Of Our Relationship'' - Popular Nigerian Musician Laments

''The Girl I Sponsored To School Dumped Me After 8-Years Of Our Relationship'' - Popular Nigerian Musician Laments

  Nigeria’s foremost Saxophone player, Yemi Sax, sure does have a story to tell.

 The celebrity sax player and artistes, got married months ago and he is very grateful to God for everything, especially the gift of his new wife.

Yemi Sax however spoke on what he went through in his last relationship, saying the lady he practically took care of left him after 8 years. And even when the softsell reporter tried to say may be she left him because she was more educated, Yemi was quick to deny it and said, no it wasn’t even that, it was far from it.

Read excerpts from the interview below: 
Before you married your wife, I am sure a woman would have broken your heart; can you tell me about the experience?
Of course I have had a long relationship of like eight years that didn’t even work out. You know after eight years I was heartbroken. A woman I gave my all to decided to mess the privilege and brought my heart to great sorrow. It is not about being a star really, my wife that I married right now had sworn with her life that she world never marry an entertainer but man proposes and God disposes, even she knew that it is by the grace of God that it all happened. Our ways at times are not His ways. It is what God wants because she is a Corporate person, she is in the corporate world. So, she doesn’t even have the time to go out and start dating an entertainer but God called me her husband and she my wife. I give all thanks to God for His benevolence.

The woman that broke your heart after eight years, don’t you think she must have felt that she is more educated than you and maybe saw you as a seep in her life?
I think at first, everything was rosy but you know you can’t pretend for long. She was just there pretending I think it was because of the things she was gaining from me and you know you can’t pretend for long because character is like a flame it will always come out eventually. So, it got to a time that her real personality manifested and that was when the relationship came to an end.

So, you didn’t think it was as a result of personality and educational difference?
Nooo, not at all; she is even somebody I brought up. She is somebody I brushed up, I sent her to school. So, it is not about being more educated than me or not, you understand what I mean. I did everything to make her a success but she chose otherwise.

So, what did that episode teach you about life?
I think it is a great lesson; I will advise people not to expect too much from a fellow human. That is the way you can live long, that is the way you can enjoy life; expect the worst from others. So, that is my advice to people. It is my guiding philosophy as well. I don’t think it is a good thing to put your trust in people. Instead, put your trust in God who never disappoints.


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