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Femi Fani Kayode Needs Help Says Bianca Ojukwu

Finally Bianca has spoken out after her long silence on the issue. Biance Ojukwu granted Ekerete Udoh publisher of News Of the and in the long interview,the brouhaha with femi Fani Kayode was chipped in..Bianca says Femi's claim that he slept with her is a figment of his imagination....please read the excerpt from the long interview.
Last year, Femi Fani-Kayode the former Aviation Minister came out with a bomb- shell that he had a long standing intimate relationship with you. It became a fodder for both the mainstream and social media. Apart from the statement that your attorney put out, you have not come out to openly speak about the issue. What really happened? Did you have an intimate relationship with Femi Fani- Kayode?
Her Excellency, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu:
When I came back from Spain and I realized what extent the issue had snow- balled, I had to contact my lawyer with a firm instruction that he should demand an immediate retraction from Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode. But let me say this: this was a figment of Mr. Fani Kayode’s imagination. If you said you had a relationship with someone, intimate and long standing as he claimed he had with me, the least you should have is a picture. An intimate and long standing relationship as he claimed he had with me, connotes that you should have some form of evidence, pictures taken at a public function- a birthday party…a relationship such as he purports he had with me, is not some- thing you hide, yet there is nothing to show he ever met me, not to talk of having a relationship of the manner he claims with me.. The guy obviously needs help and he appears to have serious challenges. He knew he was lying that’s why he approached a number of influential Nigerians to beg me, that he didn’t mean to say he had a relationship of such nature with me, I mean the guy really needs help.
But Femi has been strident and actually asserted that he has the evidence to back up his claims and would tender such, at the court of law.

Her Excellency, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu:
You know what-you don’t need to go to court to show such evidence, especially for someone who, obviously does not have the patience to wait to show the world he is right in his assertion. My challenge to him is simple: if you had such evidence, show it immediately. I don’t know this guy, and deep in his heart, he knows that he is lying. Quite a number of influential Nigerians have called to apologize on his behalf- he had gone to them and asked them to intervene on his be- half. Also another critical aspect of his lies is that within the time frame he claimed the relationship took place, I was in a boarding school in England, and by the time I left the boarding school and came to Cambridge, my sister had passed on in an air crash, in Enugu and I had to come back to Nigeria, so basically the time frame is wrong and he can’t even defend that time frame, so I wonder how he could create such a fiction, when he absolutely knows such did not happen. But in any case, if you had a relationship, intimate and longstanding as he claims I challenge him to bring the evidence- I mean I have pictures from my childhood days, I have pictures of people I knew back then, and where is his evidence? He needs help.


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