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Prayer and strong Christian faith are the keys to Nicki Minaj Success- Says her beautiful mum

Now we know where Nicki gets her beauty from. Superstar rapper Nicki Minaj‘s mother, Carol Maraj, says prayer and her strong Christian faith are the keys to Queens, N.Y. born Onika Maraj’s success. In an interview with Christianpost Carol said, “I believe by her acknowledging the power of prayer, and her strong desire to tithe together with a praying mother, contributed to her success.” 

My life as a Christian and believer was opened to Onika. As her career continued to thrive, she developed more concerns about life,” Carol told The Christian Post. “The Bible says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old would not depart from it,” Carol told CP. “I trust that one day Onika will sing unto the Father, because a seed has already been planted. Nothing is too big to God.” 

Carol plans to pursue a gospel singing career as a platform to spread her message about domestic violence. Both Carol and her daughter are domestic violence survivors. Carol founded The Carol Maraj Foundation to provide encouragement, emotional support, a mobile beauty spa and financial empowerment through various programs. 

“My husband was a drug user, and would usually come home to sleep or steal. Seeking guidance in my life, I went to a revival (church) service with a neighbor who invited me,” Carol revealed. “During service, the preacher made an altar call. My neighbor then turned and whispered, ‘God is waiting for you, Carol. He wants to restore your life.

 Carol has advice for other domestic abuse victims. “I think it is very important for couples to have open communication in their relationships,” she told CP. “In addition to communication, you need to show respect for one another, and include prayers in your daily life. I learned to release every area of my life to the Lord — physical, emotional, social and spiritual. And that is what I think everyone should do to help overcome any issues.”


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