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EXPOSED: All Of Nollywood's Lesbian Actresses Revealed

 Its' no longer news how lesbianism is growing rapidly in the Nigeria entertainment industry and beyond,it's really shocking to see some so called role model to our young one's on this list, very very sad.

Besides the acclaimed lesbians and bi-sexuals like Weird MC, Kween Onakala and Rita the ex-beauty queen, did you ever stop to ponder the fact that Nigeria, today is literally crawling with lesbians? This investigation carried out by IDNobble’s blog reveals that, unlike adultery, it is easier for married Nigerian women to engage in lesbianism, since husbands hardly suspect that anything is amiss when their wives hangout with their female friends.

 Did you know, for instance that a leading Nigerian woman, whose husband, Umoru, recently died is a lesbian.

 Another top lesbian, Duku, once fought another northern female top shot, who she  learnt had slept with Umoru’s widow.

 The daughter of a South-South governor, we hear is also in the club. 

 Named Maria, she graduated from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. When the fire on the mountain crooner, who reportedly sleeps with her female manager visited Asaba sometime ago, both women we gather shamelessly fornicated in the musician’s hotel suite. Consider also 9ice’s sister-in-law. They say she too swings both ways. 

Still in the West, a popular Erelu, believe it or not, is a raving lesbo. Back to Abuja, there’s the story of Aishatu who made the costly mistake of double dating two lesbians. When they found out (because we hear that lesbians are a very jealous lovers) this young lawyer had to scamper out of  the FCT pronto.

 Hear she now lives in the U.S.A. Consider also the following young ladies who ply their trade in Nigeria’s film industry.

 She is fondly called Genie by her friends. This dark Nollywood queen is a champion in this game. She is not alone in this because the likes of that Onyibo looking Yoruba actress who shares surname with the brothers who invented the Airplane. 

Remember hot and sexy Ebube, wow! This hot s*x machine that should have been a blessing to men’s world also enjoys having ago at her follow babes.

 Don’t forget the Emem cabal, they are a group of ladies in Nollywood who do not give a damn about the men’s piston and the miliki it gives to women, they do everything together and this includes kissing each other and caressing each other’s water-melons, if you know what I mean, their names are Uche, Ntse and the very yellow complexioned beauty who shares a name with one of Da Vinci’s famous works.

 What of Nollywood’s weeping child? Ah, she too is involved, I mean madam Nkiru you should know her of course, the yellow lady that was a given a juice park to suck on TV, wonder if that is the way she sucks her fellow babe? Ah, na you know oh. 

The rest are Fathia, the Delta born Yoruba actress, Tonto, whose bed partner is also a Nollwood gal who goes by the name, Halima.

 We also hear that Anitawhose body looks like that of Hulk Hugan is also super when handling her fellow women in bed. Others are Elfreda, Mariam who might have appolo, Linda, Eniola (yes, Gbogbo bigs girls), Nene, and madam lepa.