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Home » » Hahaha : Joke Of The Day -- How To Detect An Ugly Girl

Hahaha : Joke Of The Day -- How To Detect An Ugly Girl


1. Ugly girls will tag 95 people in
a pic and still get 2 likes, prolly
from her parents. #Wole_Soyinka_
Sa id_So

2. When a group of girls wanna
take a pic, they hand over the
camera to her.. If you're that girl,
then you're ugly. #My_Grandpa_
Told _Me

3. If no guy has ever paid your
transport fare in a public bus,
then you have to do something
about your looks.. #T_B_Joshua_
Said _So

4. Whenever there is a drama
rehearsal in your church, they
always select you to play the role
of a witch, vampire or demon.

5. Most girls with sweet names
on fb like "Mo'cute", "Pink Berry",
"Sexy diva queen" are usually very

6. 90% of girls that support
Man united are ugly

7. Ugly girls wont even notice
that i didn't write anything in #7
cos they are so angry with me
right now for exposing them. LOL!!!

Actually God did not create any one ugly, everyone is beautiful. what makes a person beautiful is not by facial looks, but by character.


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