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Home » » Wow! : Meet The Two Cutest Nigerian Male Celebrities Who Married Older Wives

Wow! : Meet The Two Cutest Nigerian Male Celebrities Who Married Older Wives

 Now, this post is not in a bid to criticize anyone, far from that, i myself, don't see anything wrong with this. Just thought it was worth a mention.

It’s good to know that the stigma is gradually lifting, as more Nigerian men and women are openly dating and even marrying their young lovers, not caring what the world thinks; and why should they?

 And the first couple is one we are all too familiar with: Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo....
Peter Okoye of P-Square musical duo and Lola Omotayo. Lola is said to be 6 years older than Peter. Peter and his twin brother Paul were born on the 18th of November 1981. Although no one is saying anything concerning Lola’s precise date of birth, of course you know how it is with women and their age. In an earlier interview years back, Lola addressed the age gap between them thus: “Like I said, Peter is an old soul and he always tells me that I’m like a 23-year-old.

 Age is just a number. Right now, you can see it around the world. Demi Moore, Usher and some known people. Even in Nigeria here, they are dating people far older than their age. So, we shouldn’t base it on the age factor. He doesn’t make me feel like he’s younger than me.” 

 The Second couple is: Dare Art-Alade and Deola Ayeni.....
 Next couple is Dare Art-Alade and his wife Deola Ayeni. Deola is 8 years older than Darey yet they’ve been married for over 5 years with lovely kids.

Dare once responded thus in an interview about their age gap: Do you not feel any pressure of any sort being married to somebody older than you are? No pressures at all! Every body at sometime finds what works for him or her. I am perfectly happy with my marriage to my wife and I absolutely have no problems or pressures of any sort. 
So there you have it, if it works for you, then why not? age they say is only numbers.


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