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Home » » Singer, Adokiye Dares Boko Haram Again : "Why Haven't You Accepted My Request?"

Singer, Adokiye Dares Boko Haram Again : "Why Haven't You Accepted My Request?"

 Nigerian singer Adokiye must really fancy shekau or something(lol...) She's in the news again and this time around she's asking why haven't Boko Haram accepted are offer...well if you ask i'll say Shekau doesn't fancy her much...hahaha

Read excerpts from her recent interview, where she once again, defended her viginity offer to Boko Haram and stated, as a matter of fact, that she truly doesn't mind being used as an exchange for the release of the missing Chibok schoolgirls.

Let’s set the records straight, Is this a publicity stunt to promote your music and image?
“I made an open offer to some group of people.

 The question is why they haven’t accepted my request? They should gather up the girls, prepare them for release and then I am sure they will find out if I’m still a virgin. 

Publicity card to promote my music and image? Let me even ask! Promote what music? I have not released any music or plan to even release any music anytime soon. So what music am I promoting? 
As for my image, if crying for freedom for the release of innocent children, a reminder to the nation that kids are still missing is promoting my image, then I say to you, let my image soar!

Why are you so open about your virginity?
“Virginity has its own spiritual benefit. A lot of girls that are virgins think virginity is not worth keeping probably because they are being mocked and called names, a lot of people say virginity is lack of opportunity. So I am using this great opportunity to let the world know that if you are a girl and a virgin, oh you have a precious gift.

Do you feel in any way that your statement degrades women and trivializes the plight of the girls?
“It can only degrade a woman who does not appreciate womanhood/motherhood. If you are a true woman, you would understand my fight. 

Do not miss the point, focus on my fight. Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting rape or pleading to be raped as what some people are making the situation seem like a joke but whatever those kids are going through, because we cannot see them, I would say should be thrown to me instead and allow them be freed.

 I want to use this opportunity to apologise to all the women around the world who have gotten my fight twisted for some reasons or the other to see this as not only a selfless service to humanity but to fall back to the biblical times where Jesus urged us to be our brothers keeper and love others as we love ourselves.”

How do you feel about how viral your statements have gone?
“I thank God. As noisy as I may sound, I thank God there are still intelligent people who understand my fight and where I am coming from. It’s also a reminder to me again that indeed I have a mission here on earth. My point is very simple. I want the world to be restless until the kids are returned.”

How does your partner feel about the statement?
“I don’t have a boyfriend and I am not planning to have one anytime soon. I would say it is a distraction to me for now.”

Why the need to publicly state that the sect should come and take you?
Forgive me to say that I am an Intelligential and I understand that the media has got a way of making people get things twisted, I get it and I don’t feel bad at all.

I thought by now, His Excellency, our Number one man, the President would have assigned reputable youths, intellects who share the same dreams with him, youths of our nation who can help to reduce this trauma we are going through. The world has gone digital and youths are digital. Our nation’s youths are intelligent to fight this fight with our government. 

Whatever it is they are going through, for them to be released should be thrown to me. And If they have turned the young girls to their sex slaves, they should consider releasing them and turn me to one.”


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