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Keturah's Interview about Jim Iyke Leaked by Emma Agu

Emma Agu is not letting the heat surrounding Jim Iyke and Nadia cool down at all as he is always adding salt to injury. After releasing Jim iyke's interview where Jim said, he would never marry Keturah, he has also also released a transcript of the interview he had with keturah. This interview shows Keturah was really in love with Jim Iyke and she planned to manage Jim when he eventually relocates to New York to marry her coupled with taking care of her 17-year old son?  Well find all of that and more below…

When Jim told this writer in 2011, he was relocating to US to settle down with Keturah Hamilton, I asked Keturah some  hard questions:-

What  is he coming to do in US? Her reply was that Jim would attend an acting class in LA, after they get married. She was getting ready to become a US Citizen then.

Question 2- How would he survive in US? She said Jim may probably get some jobs here and there.

What is your Profession? How would you sustain him, pay your bills, take care of your 17-yr old son, while Jim is attending an acting school?

Answer:- "I have some investments here and there. My son's dad is actively involved in his life. Jim and I will get by"

keturah_hamiltonOk, as a friend, what is your profession, I have never seen any agency you modeled for? "Oh I did a couple of stuff with PDiddy, went out briefly with 50cent"
So, how did you become a super model?…"I did a commercial for Vitamin water".

Why not get a regular job, many people are accusing you of being an escort?

"I swear on my son's head that I am not a an escort or a stripper". I can't get a regular job because I was not able to finish my Secondary school . I dropped out of 9th grade when I became pregnant".

In view of these facts babes, like I used to call her, you best bet might be to follow James to Nigeria. "Oh well, if James wants me to do that, I will definitely follow him."

Sweet heart, how many years have you guys dated now? "Six years'. James never put a ring on your fingers? Did he ever tell you he will marry you? "Oh yes, he did say so several times''.

Did James introduce you to his parents? " Yes he did, I spent 5 months in Nigeria".

Did he do any traditional marriage rites with you while you were in Nigeria? " No he didn't".

At the this point let me tell you the gospel truth, James will never ever marry you.) (silence) "You know what, from now on, lets talk about ourselves. let’s keep our affairs out of this"

Since I made all these remarks, Keturah Hamilton never liked my guts for telling her the truth.


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