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TOO MUCH MONEY: See Homes Of Famous Footballers...Messi, Ronaldo, Beckham (PHOTOS)

If each of these guys narrate their stories for you, it'll make you understand that no matter the position you are in and regardless of how bad things are now for you, you can still be very successful in this life, it might take a very long time but it will surely come as long as you don't give up...determination is the key.

10. Kaka $3 Million Ricardo Kaka bought this mansion in Madrid when he signed for Real Madrid From AC Milan in 2009 It is located in Madrid the largest city in Spain and not far from his other teammate’s homes.

9. Andre Iniesta $4.6 Million This house was built in 2005  and comprises 5 bedrooms, a chapel, and a swimming pool. He also has his name “INIESTA” written on the wall of his house.  Reportedly haunted, Andre has put up the house for sale.

8. Lionel Messi $5 Million We all Know That he Is the fourth time ballon D’Or winner in four year in a row. He is so crazy with his privacy and does not allow many detail about his home. We do however know that is has facilities like spa, cinema room and Of course an indoor football pitch.

7. Mario Balotelli $5 Million - This Bollotelli home is currently for £13,495 a month. It is equipped with a home cinema, an indoor pool and walls that could probably tell some brilliant stories about the Italian striker.

6. Christiano Ronaldo $6 million - Cristiano’s home in Cheshire Manchester,UK. He lived here during is successful career at Manchester United . Bought in 2006 for more than $6 million. The house is currently for sale.

5. Frank Lampard $7 Million - It is a two story home which is build over 19,500 square feet. Its amazing features include nine bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a boat dock. Sitting on more than three acres of land, this home includes a guest house, tennis court, swimming pool, putting green, and a long private driveway.

4. John Terry $7.5million - John Terry’s is interested in this home which Includes a 34-seat cinema and an underground aquarium. It is on the market for $7.5million — but all Terry now needs is a plot of land. Developers revealed the star defender phoned to inquire about the 10-bedroom property — called Goldenhill — after they sent him a brochure but he was disappointed by its location.

3. Didier Drogba $14.5 million The house is spread in 8600 square feet and is built in 2007. The grand mansion boasts seven luxurious bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a trophy room and a number of kids’ rooms.

2. Wayne Rooney $17.83 million Located In Cheshire not far from teammates like Van Persie,  Rio Ferdinand home, Costs an Estimated $17.83 million about $1.57 million was spent on preparing the build-site alone.

1. David Beckham $20 Million - The Now Retired former Manchester United and Real Madrid star owns a Georgian style mansion “Beckingham Palace” in London which the soccer Hero acquired in October 1999, after his wedding. The property is currently in the Market for an undisclosed Price.


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