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I Can Act N*de For $50m - Popular Nollywood Actress

Its obvious very few Nollywood actresses are willing to act n*de, the African culture in general doesn't accept it..... Amanda Ebeye in an interview tells why she does more soap operas than Nollywood movies.
You became popular in the television series, Clinic Matters; is there any difference between you and the character you portrayed in the soap?
 Yes, it’s a world of difference between the character, Abigail and I. Abigail is known to be very nosy, she is two-faced and has issues and controversy surrounding her. She also gossips a lot. I talk but not to the detriment of other people. I was only portraying a character to the best of my understanding at that time.
But do you gossip, and are you temperamental in real life as you act in the soap opera?
 Yes. I could be a little bit temperamental but not a big time gossip like Nurse Abigail. I talk too but who doesn’t? I can never scandalise, lie or bring people down; never. On several occasions I’ve had a lot of people say, maybe when I get upset, I yell. They assume I am just as Nurse Abigail in reality.  It is very funny because whatever I portray is what I would have done if I was truly that character. It is not who I am. If I was a gossip, a liar, a prostitute, a pilot; it is all in my head, it is my imagination, my creation and not who I am in real life. But when people talk like that, I feel honoured because I feel I gave the character my best shot.
Why do you do more of soaps than movies?
There was a time I stopped doing movies and concentrated on soap operas. That was between 2009 and 2011. And since 2011, I have been doing strictly movies apart from Bella’s Place that is owned by Royal Roots.
Can you act n*de?
I cannot act n*de but like I have said before, if you pay me about $50m, I will. Please who is the first to pay?


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