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Don Jazzy Put On Blast For Organizing "Doro Mega Hero" Competition

 Firstly, Mavin's 'Dorobucci' hit song was labelled an occultic song, a claim Don Jazzy denied outright. But again, Don Jazzy has been put under the spot light, after he asked for entries for the creative designs of ‘Doro Mega Super Hero’ with a cash prize reward of $3000.

 Creative directors, Tola Alabi, has described the competition as a publicity stunt, which he sees as unethical and exploitative.
According to him, Don Jazzy, instead of spending such money for the so-called competition, could have approached a creative agency or individual to do the job for him.
Here's what he wrote;

Another PR stunt getting off making thousands of artists and designers work without pay. I can imagine how many creatives would get on their macs and pcs to spend endless hours with the hopes of creating 'DORO MEGA SUPER HERO'(whatever that is). Not only is this unethical but very exploitative. 

How do you pick the best out of over a thousand designs? As a matter of fact, how do you effectively pick the best out of over a thousand anything? If Don jazzy has $3000 to spend on developing this excuse of character, why doesn't he approach a creative agency or individual and work them. 

Isn't that how he does his music videos? I wonder why he doesn't make that a competition as well? Simple because music video directors would not waste their time and resources, but unfortunately graphic designers would. Anyway, good luck to the person who 'wins'. For those who take part and have nothing to show but another heavy file to take up your RAM- I warned ya! 


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