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Listen As Jim Iyke Insults Emma Agu Over Nadia Buhari Breakup(Voice recording)

Emma agu and his people at NigeriaFM are really up to something. Seems they want to profit from Jim Iyke and Nadia Buhari breakup and the sad thing is that Jim is helping them by enchanging emails and calls with tthem. listen to the voice recording below where Jim Iyke is insulting life out of Emma while the latter was busy recording it. Emma's people also released a statement below stating Jim Iyke and Emma has never met, but check out the pics below where Jim Iyke, Nadia and Emma stepped out.

This email which came in my gmail inbox 3hours ago is in reaction to this story 

Jim Iyke And Emma Agu Exchange Hot Words Over His Alleged Break Up With Nadia Buari.

Consider this a part 2!
The mail reads

''We read with dismay, some lopsided commentaries by those who felt Emma Agu betrayed Jim Iyke who happens to be his friend. The entire crew of Nigerian FM hereby states that Emma Agu and Jim Iyke  have never met. Jim Iyke was on Emma Agu Loud in USA during a phone in program.
 Emma Agu got to know Jim through Keturah Hamilton and interviewed him on Emma Agu Loud in USA. They were never friends.
Emma Agu took on his own to do image laundry for JIM iyke, both spoke only 4 times via the phone.
Jim Iyke’s attack  on Emma Agu during a phone in show was totally uncalled for. Jim Iyke even after the whole incident went viral is still sending harassing email to Emma Agu while hiding in an undisclosed location in New York.
 We investigate every news we write, hence we decided to follow up an information given to us by Keturah Hamilton who claimed that Jim Iyke was in her house. This is what we do. You all know this. We are duty bound to ask questions from both parties anytime  we are called upon.

 For the last time, Emma Agu or any member of Nigerian FM are not interested in who Jim dates, or what he does what his life. Our involvement here was in line of duty. Nobody betrayed anyone. Nobody threw anyone under the bus.
Jim Iyke’s constant attacks and every 30 harassing emails to us is a  violation of our 4 amendment right. We stand by our story and no amount of name calling and blackmail will change that. We shall give you more press release concerning the lady Jim Iyke is presently cooling off in her apartment here in New York. Her background speaks volumes!


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  2. The only person I heard talking was Emma Agu. Could not make out what Jim Iyke was saying. Stop acting like bunch of kids please.

  3. Tell dem, dey like fooling dere self every time who care about dere relationship