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Kenturah Hamilton comment on Jim Iyke and Emma Agu fight

If you think the heat surrounding Jim Iyke and Nadia Buhari's breakup is has cooled down, you will have to take several seat and relax because it's just got started. Kenturah Hamilton, the woman who Jim was accused of  visiting secretly in US without Nadia Buhari's knowledge has spoken out finally. She sent the letter below she sent to Emma Agu, the alleged mastermind of the breakup who called Nadia Buhari's manager to expose Jim visit to Kenturah. 

 Keturah Hamilton ******************************
Date: May 20, 2014, 1:59:34 PM EDT
Subject: I will shut your site down if you don't restrain from publishing crap on my name and my good self
Emma I really thought u were a friend because you pretended to be concerned about Jim and I. I will take responsibility in my part in this whole mess. I am not a malicious person. You and Chinny tried to bring me down and it did not work now you coming at me side ways. You think I am a stupid according to you but let me tell you this you don't want to go to war with me seriously. I don't care what kind of media you claim to be. Everyone thinks you are a low life and a nobody that is trying to be relevant and the sad part you target women and thru them you fight dirty. You emailed Jim telling him all kind of rubbish and prove I send to u. Why don't you tell the truth how it really happened. You claimed you are big on honesty but u don't know the meaning of that. You are sick man and a sad person within yourself because a man thats happy with one self wouldn't stoop to this level. Everyone that heard  the story knows you are been malicious. The same way you wanted me to give you Chinny's address so you can send immigration and when I refused you abused me with words. You love to tell people  your wife  is in the force well I don't give a fuck because I am not illegal  and I am a US citizen, more over I am not intimidated by anyone!!!!!!!!!! I will take out a restraining order again you and my lawyer will be contacting you. Please don't mention how you have been there for me when Jim dumped  me because thats your daily prayers!!!!!!!  You would called or texted me just to tell me what Jim and Nadia are doing I begged you to stop because it was not good for me the more I asked the more you continued as if you wanted to drive me crazy. Chinny once said you have an obsession with Jim or me and that you are a celebrity groupie. You spreading rumors I slept with Morgan Freeman and D-Black well I did not!!!!!!!! but if I did how is it your business?  I begged you not to publish any rubbish and you went ahead and did it, you can do that shit to Jim and others but I swear I will report your site if you keep fucking with me. I have the means to do it! You said I am stupid and that Jim said I am senseless but don't underestimate a stupid person!!! rem character assassination will bite you back in the face. Chinny reported your Youtube and they blocked you thats just the beginning. I swear write one more crap and you will see!!!!!!!!!!!  I am tired of been nice everyone is playing dirty I willn't stoop to your level but I will protect me. You can email me back and tell me all the nasty shit!!!!!!  You  like to war with women they said a married woman almost committed suicide because of you but rest assure you can't break me to that point I am too strong for that and if its evil force you think you are going to use let me tell you something boy Africa isn't the only place with it, and my God is bigger than that!  Keep it up and I will have your site permanently closed thru my partner's governmental connections. You just texted me telling me you are going to publish all my texts go right ahead and you are going to play Jim's recording of all the garbage he said about me and that I will be finished when you are done with me.What you don't know is that statement is a threat! You are a bully a dirty bully!!!!!!!! You said you have prove of my life style you really think I give a fuck!!!!! I live for me!!!!!!!!  You are a sick person always want to act like you know shit about everyone. But in reality you know nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I walk in God's way. Ps you must realize I have legally advice to be boldly telling you I will shut the site down if you continue on this part.


  1. Bunch of kids!! Role model indeed. The only voice I hear is that of Emma Agu.........not Jim