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Home » » How Fela’s "Double Wahala" Song Has Changed My Life – Oritsefemi

How Fela’s "Double Wahala" Song Has Changed My Life – Oritsefemi

 The desire of many Nigerian musicians is to record that one ‘lucky’ hit song that will give him breakthrough they need. This is exactly happened to Oritse Femi with his "Double Wahala for Deady Body" track and he has been a very happy man ever since.

Here's what he had to say in recent interview with E-Punch as he explains his rise to fame:
“There were times when I had no money to pay studio fees and I would ask my friends for a loan. After paying the studio fee, I would be left without the fare for my transport back home. When I eventually trekked home, there would be no food to eat. 

“At that time, the fee was N2, 500. I could remember that August Studio in Apapa charged N5, 000 per session. That was where the Plantashun Boys produced all their albums. But I could not afford to go there. So I used Mighty Mouse studio in Ajegunle where the fee was N2, 500 per session. 
“Things have definitely changed. Nowadays, I don’t charge less than N3m to perform at a concert. Sometimes the concerts are funded by multinational companies and we have to tour 20 states. Multiply N3m by 20 states and you will understand what I am saying. The situation has indeed improved.”

Recalling the rough days before he eventually recorded Double Wahala, Oritse Femi told E-Punch:

"I was almost frustrated because my career had over the years failed to generate the desired response from music fans. I prayed to God first for inspiration and basically retraced my steps. It was then it occurred to me that my fans actually want something dynamic for a change. Consequently, because the music we are doing is Afro hip-hop and since Fela was the king of Afro hip hop, I decided to begin by paying homage to him.”


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