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Check Out Nigeria's once hit Makers, Where are they now??

This list comprise artist who thrilled us all after dropping hot singles and they were the talk of the town, they released evergreen anthems,club banger and they were tipped to take over but years after they don't just seem to be relevant in the industry they once owned. They are no failure. No. But they did not succeed like we all predicted. They only left as fast as they came. They dropped hot singles. Scooped the awards and headlined the shows. Then cut! They vanish. Time fades them away. Some tried coming back but no more hits,,,

They’re Nigeria’s one hit wonders. No thanks to Nigeria’s ever evolving and competitive industry, these are the latest of that enviable long list.

She was tipped to show the light. She was touted as the next big thing. She was thought to contend with Sasha P. She did not. With her Waa Wa Alright blazing single came raised hopes. Hopes came crashing with her 2009 The Investment album. The album in Clarence Peters own words was a “flop”. Trouble. She looked Clarence in the eye and left his label. Then she lost soul mate endorsement deal to Mo’cheddah. Game over. Kel Vanished. Not a word has been heard.

2. Bigiano
Remember him? “…All of Una Must Shayo …” His name is Bigiano! He was the dance hall musician that rocked the airwaves in 2008 with Shayo. Almost six years after, he seems not to have struggle with anything but music. His former group partners Triple B may have been quick to rule him out, but not Bigiano. He was not done. No. Not yet. In 2013, he announced his comeback. There was never a comeback.

3. Weird Mc
She’s around! Does she still sing? Simply wired. It was Ijoya from her 2006 After Da storm album that got her serious attention. After that, it appears the only meaningful thing that came close to her own standard was the 2006 Bizzy Body collaboration with P-Square. She now plays the Denrele card. Appearing in just every video in town, and playing catch-up with newbie. Maybe to remain relevant.

4. Kas 
He came with a very unique sound and beat that genuinely made us believe he will rule for a long time , he stole our heart  and shot into limelight with his 2010 club hit, Fimile but after floating own label Kas beat  (signed tonto tikeh) and venturing into pure water business and Nollywood, he seems to have forgotten how to drop hit himself.

4. Dipp
With his Pop Off Selecta single, he was dubbed the new Nigerian Usher. That was in 2011. He mesmerized Nigerians with his deft acrobatic moves. Then he disappeared. In 2013, there were hypes about a comeback with Phoenix Records. It was a hoax.

Terry G was his undoing. After the 2009 release of Pass Me Your Love hit, he had a spat with the Akpako Master- producer and star in that hit. He may have won the fight, but it cost him. Terry G has since gone up churning hits after hits. But not AYDOTCOM. He has since closed shop. He recently returned with No sleeping –but he’s fast asleep.
Drop us comments if you remember others,,


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