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Scandals!!! : Popular Female Gospel Singer Caught In Adultery

 We live in strange times, even those you look up to as epitome of decency are messing up big time and in so many ways ridiculing the institution of marriage.

 According to reports, the once lovely marriage of popular Nigerian Gospel singer, Grace Amah, is heading for the rocks.

Things got to this sorry state after her husband, Dr Alex Amah, was said to have caught her in the act...

Grace Amah, a Dublin-based Nigerian gospel singer, was said to have bullied her hubby, Dr. Amah when he confronted her about the affair she’s having with a famous business man.

 He was said to have brought up the infidelity accusations with evidence(s) that his wife could not deny and she had to resort to violence.

Dr Amah, who is said to be a randy man too, claimed that his wife tried to stab him when he confronted her.


  1. DR. PASTOR ALEX IS THE VICTIM: We have nothing against Grace Amah the “worldly singer/artist”, but we have serious issues with Grace Amah lying against her husband our Pastor & Daddy-in-Lord (a very private man). We have even more serious issues with Grace Amah the “gospel minister, wife of Pastor Alex & mother of 5 children” who refused to repent and beg her loving & caring husband after all our private and now public warnings. Now her marriage is irreparably destroyed and she is denying in public she is not responsible rather she is blaming the devil and evil arrows. Grace Amah for years has been threatening to end her marriage; for years she abused and insulted her husband’s parents & family; assaulted and threatened to destroy him; tried to stab him with a kitchen knife; changed church in August 2013 and finally started keeping late nights till 3am, while her husband slept on the floor of their sitting room for months. Pastor Alex got fed up in September 2013 and moved out and is currently filling for divorce. We don’t blame or support him, we just speak the TRUTH, so that God will not allow us to fall into the same temptation. “False words are not evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.”—Plato