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''What a Director Did to Me Because of S*x'' – Actress Reveals Her Ordeal

  Fast rising actress Laitan Ogungbile who loves her job very passionately and believes  in her God giving talent and trusts it will help her to rise to the top, but some men in the industry are giving her.

It is believed that in the Nigerian movie industry, when you are out on location, many things happen like exchange of s*x for movie roles.

 How would you react to this? To me, it’s not a do-or-die affair.

 If anybody believes he has to sleep with you before giving you a role, you have the right to accept or reject such offer. I have gone through many experiences but I have never experienced such. If I like you, fine, I can date you.

You talked about going through many experiences, how did you handle such situations?
Like the one that happened a long time ago, though it was an English-speaking movie, I met with the woman who was to act as my mother while Kola Oyewo was to be my father.

 At the last stage of the movie, people really appreciated me for the way I interpreted the role, they were so excited about my talent but suddenly, the director of the movie came and demanded for sex. I cried and called Uncle Muyiwa Ademola, he told me to be calm and prayerful. I told Ayo Adesanya and Sunny Alli too.

Initially, I thought it was a joke because we had almost concluded the movie and in fact, the costumier had called me to come for the last costume of the last set, but to my astonishment, the director was very resolute about his devilish plans and insisted that if I couldn’t sleep with him, I should go home, that he wont be needing my services anymore.


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