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Rihanna Blasts fan And Clears Some Misconception

I have said it countless of times that fans who wants to live like celebrity figures and are not celebs themselves are not only misinformed or deluded but they are ignorant of the celebrity status quo. We all see celebs flaunt designer upon designer accessories but Rihanna has given a clue with the picture above which clearly shows that the Versace bag she flaunted a while ago was actually a gift from Donatella Versace, current Vice-President of the Versace Group, meaning  she gets the latest designer accessories she flaunts on social media  for free just to promote the brands to millions of her fan.
Therefore, not all jewelries, clothes and other accessories you see celebs flaunt are actually paid for with their own money so people copying their fans will end up in debt trying to live and dress like their favorite celebs. So be warned.
Read what the fan wrote to her:


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